Talent & Wisdom

A person’s physiological makeup can be ascertained from their chart. Talent refers to inherent potential ability, your inborn gifts. Wisdom is gained from improving oneself through life experience and reflection.

Your chart shows strengths and weaknesses in various areas of your life. The stars in the pertinent houses can help you discover your inborn talents and acquire greater wisdom. You can use your discovered talents to find a suitable career direction to fulfill your potential. Utilizing the five element theory and analyzing the amount of metal, water, wood, fire, and earth in your chart can also help you identify appropriate careers. Additionally, the times to take advantage of life opportunities can also be discovered.


If a person is having a challenging life, they can improve their circumstances by developing an informed life plan. Utilizing this information can create a life of happiness and success. 


Use this app:

  • To discover one’s hidden talent, and special gifts and learn how to utilize them
  • To develop one’s personalities, suitable career, and career skills
  • To utilize one’s strong energy levels
  • To create and discover new ideas
  • To learn the compatibility between two people
  • To discover the turning point and the right timing for new opportunities

Talent & Wisdom
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