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Each step in life brings us challenges and questions that we all struggle with regarding our life purpose, mission, and how to take advantage of opportunities when they arise. Throughout the centuries there have been many systems of divination that have helped us to see a blueprint of our lives. Zi wei dou shu, one of the most ancient and accurate systems, is the basis for the evanyanagi handbook which has been updated to fit our modern lifestyle. The elements of metal, water, fire, and earth are also incorporated to help improve your life balance. With the evanyanagi handbook not only can our past be accurately seen, but also our present and future. 

Zi wei dou shu literally translates as “Purple Star”. It is believed to have been devised by a Taoist named Lu Chun Yang and further developed in the Song and Ming Dynasties. Talented astrologers played an important role in the Chinese Imperial courts as the fate of the Emperor had direct bearing on the fate of the Kingdom. The court astrologers also played an important role in determining the successor to the throne.

In order to calculate a person’s chart several key pieces of information are needed: the year, month, day, time, and location of birth. The North Star or Pole Star is used to calculate the chart as well as over 100 points in the celestial sky. These points are referred to as “Stars.” The chart is based on the movement and location of these “Stars” at the specific time a person was born.

The chart of the evanyanagi handbook has been simplified from its zi wei dou shu roots, and is divided into eight chambers which reflect different areas of our lives: Body, Soul, Relationship, Emotion, Career, Assets, Health, and Karma. The “Stars” fall into these eight chambers. The type of “Star” indicates a person’s characteristics in that area of life, the corresponding numbers suggest the timing of possible life events, and the element associated with the “Star” reflects the cyclical energies of nature.

The “Stars” are divided into eight categories. The fourteen Primary Stars indicate a person’s main characteristics. The six Lucky Stars provide support to the Primary Stars. The six Initiative Stars obstruct the energies of the other Stars and bring life challenges. The ten Revival Stars indicate sudden changes. The forty Supportive Stars enhance the Primary Stars. The twenty-four Annual Stars refer to events that will happen within the year. The twelve Conditional Stars reflect stages of life within each Chamber. The four Directional Stars represent the major life lesson.  The Primary and Secondary Stars have seven levels of brightness which indicates their strength in the eight chambers. The interpretations of the Stars in the Chambers will be explained in an upcoming publication.

When utilizing the wisdom of the evanyanagi handbook in conjunction with our other applications: Color & Emotion, Timing and Chance, Purify your Karma, Talent & Wisdom, Health Indicator, Elevate your Energy Level, and Lucky Color & Living Style you can come to a better understanding of your true nature and guide your pathway to a prosperous, happy, and successful life. 


Use this app:

  • To see the eight main categories simplified from Zeus Sensor
  • To understand ones basic instinct based from the Ages of Dinosaurs
  • To understand your Dino Personality
  • Body: Physical Strength, behaviour
  • Soul: Inner self, one’s needs, wants and values
  • Emotion: spiritual needs: timing of major events
  • To understand the past, one’s karma, and spiritual needs
  • To understand family and residential decisions
  • To understand the difference between career and education, pay attention to critical ages
  • Source of assets and the ability to gain wealth
  • Relationship with elders
  • How peers could impact one’s life
  • Health and maintenance periods

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evanyanagi handbook
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