Body Source Code

BaZi, together with the Five Elements theory, is usually utilized as basis for astrology and fortune telling. The Five Elements theory is an ancient Chinese concept of matter. It was widely used in philosophy, medicine and divination. These Five Elements are: Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire. It is believed that everything in nature is constituted of these Five Elements, and everything in the world is based on their inter-connection. It depicts the relationship and movement of these Five Elements, showing that everything in the world is as one. As the course of nature changes, a fluctuation in the level of these elements occurs as well. Consequently, not only are people's lives affected, but the whole universe continues to reposition. If the idea of Yin/Yang is based on polarization or opposites, the Five Element Theory is just a simple system of gears. 


Use this app:

  • See the make-up of your Body Source Code
  • Discover your Five Elements, colours, and traits
  • Know your element distribution, Life Element, and Zodiac signs
  • Learn how the five elements affect your personal energy
  • Useful for Personal direction, Feng Shui, and more.

Body Source Code
Category: Lifestyle
Language: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese (English coming soon)

Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.