Elevate Your Energy Level

Our body is our constant companion. Should we take good care of our companion? Yes! Optimal health and energy are essential to enable us to enjoy every step of our journey through life. A careful balance must be maintained within our bodies for both health and happiness. The negative emotions that we experience such as anger, stress, or frustration can detrimentally affect our energy level. Our interpersonal relationships can also deeply affect us depending on whether they are harmonious or in conflict. Negative associations can drain our energy but positive interactions can elevate both individuals creating harmonious rapport.


Periodically, it is important to re-balance or replenish our body’s energy. The appropriate orientation, electromagnetic energy, and energy replenishing products can assist the body to maintain its equilibrium. Utilizing the five element theory and analyzing the amount of metal, water, wood, fire, and earth in your chart can also help you maintain your energy balance. By properly utilizing these products your body’s internal functions will function more efficiently, your stress level will be minimized, and your energy level will increase.  


Use this app:

  • To learn how to affect your energies with the Five Elements Theory
  • To discover your Personal Directions/Positions for Feng Shui
  • To view your Soul’s energy strength and know how to enhance it
  • To discover the suitable directions and Energy Levels
  • To enhance energy levels using suitable natural crystals and gemstones
  • To understand the impact of interpersonal relationships
  • To view the compatibility between people and their energies
  • To increase vitality and take control over mental stress

Elevate Your Energy Level
Category: Lifestyle
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