Health Indicator

The evanyanagi handbook tells us a great deal about our physical bodies. The physical tendencies revealed could be either positive or negative. If negative, there may be ways to adjust your lifestyle to anticipate possible physical issues. For example, if the handbook indicates a tendency toward high blood pressure you may want to periodically monitor your blood pressure and take supplements to keep it under control.

One of the most important concepts in the evanyanagi handbook is the balance between the Five Elements of metal, water, wood, fire, and earth. When a person’s handbook is read it is ideal if the five elements are equally proportioned. If one element is too high or too low compared to the others, the imbalance would reflect in the person’s physical condition as well as in their life. Once this is known appropriate action can be taken to correct potential problems that could occur.


Colors and types of food affect the condition of the body. By including foods that relate to each of the elements in our daily diet our bodies can absorb the energies from these elements to maintain optimal health. Most diseases are caused by an imbalance of these elements. By utilizing the colors of the five elements you can learn to consume the proper foods and supplements to achieve excellent physical stamina and radiant health.


Use this app:

  • To know your BaZi Chart (see BaZi and the Five Element Theory)
  • To understand the root of all disease and sickness
  • To understand the 5 Elements effect of colour and food on the human body (see Body Clock)
  • To find the important maintenance period s of one's health life (see Body Clock)
  • To utilize colour, food and relative items to enhance a healthier life (see Elevate your Energy Level)
  • To find an early solution for any health symptoms, in order to prevent potential diseases.

Health Indicator
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