Athena [天機]

Yin Wood Element

Goddess of wisdom, warfare, and crafts. Athena reflects intelligence, cleverness, intuition and quick adaptation. Displays alertness, courage and fortitude. Shows an interest in obscure subjects.


Find Athena in your Life Chart and see how it relates to you:

Athena in Life & Self
Wise and quick witted but unstable.

Athena in Brotherhood
Close associates or partners are versatile, quick thinkers, but may change jobs often.

Athena in Couple
The significant other is intelligent, has a sharp mind, but may not be consistent.

Athena in Junior
Minors are intelligent, have sharp minds, but may run away.

Athena in Asset
Reflects heightened financial activity.

Athena in Health
Balance the liver and gall bladder.

Athena in Soul
Soul is capable of deep emotions.

Athena in Friendship
Requires others to be wise and have fast responses.

Athena in Career
Adapts well to changes at work. Lacks concentration. Excellent learning skills.

Athena in Property
The residences will change many times.

Athena in Contentment
Absorbed and focused. Explores the unknown.

Athena in Parents
Planning activities amongst parents and elders.

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