Apollo [太陽]

Yang Fire Element

God of sun, music, poetry and healing. Apollo, the archer, represents truth, integrity, optimism, wealth and longevity. Indicates an ethical personality. Will always lend a helping hand to the needy. 


Find Apollo in your Life Chart and see how it relates to you:

Apollo in Life & Self
Attracts adoration. Basks in limelight.

Apollo in Brotherhood
Close associates or partners enjoy the limelight, maybe in another field.

Apollo in Couple
The significant other may be famous, or adored by others.

Apollo in Junior
Minors may be famous, or adored by others.

Apollo in Asset
Fame due to wealthy connections.

Apollo in Health
Balance the eyes and heart.

Apollo in Soul
Soul is creative and optimistic.

Apollo in Friendship
Caring and warm. Expects others to be cheerful and optimistic.

Apollo in Career
Has impact at work and school. Likes change.

Apollo in Property
Reflects bright and sunny homes. Business may have to do with lighting.

Apollo in Contentment
Integrity, optimism, and restlessness.

Apollo in Parents
Parents may be popular or famous, making privacy difficult.

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