Hera [廉貞]

Yin Fire Element

The Queen of the Gods. Reflects fairness. Hera shows high ambition and bold innovative ideas. Is a determined, decisive, and competitive hard worker. Able to distinguish right from wrong. Goddess of marriage, women and childbirth. 


Find Hera in your Life Chart and see how it relates to you:

Hera in Life & Self
Innovative and strongly emotional.

Hera in Brotherhood
Business associates or siblings do not deal fairly.

Hera in Couple
The significant other will be competitive and determined, but fair.

Hera in Junior
Minors will be interested in fairness rather than who wins.

Hera in Asset
Keep family matters private.

Hera in Health
Balance the blood or psychological issues.

Hera in Soul
The soul reflects fairness, ambition, and knowing right from wrong.

Hera in Friendship
Requires others to have innovative ideas.

Hera in Career
Bold innovations at work. Innovative ideas in learning.

Hera in Property
The residence will be in a solid location, without much moving.

Hera in Contentment
Innovative ideas.

Hera in Parents
Parents will treat all siblings fairly, but their ambition may lead to neglect.

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