Hades [天府]

Yang Earth Element

Lord of the underworld, riches and the dead. Hades is protective, talented and capable. Reflects treasure, fortune and prosperity. 


Find Hades in your Life Chart and see how it relates to you:

Hades in Life & Self
Considerate, careful, and detail-oriented.

Hades in Brotherhood
Close associates or partners are adept at dealing with money.

Hades in Couple
The significant other is better at money management than the individual.

Hades in Junior
Minors will lack direction and can be easily led.

Hades in Asset
Possible problems with money.

Hades in Health
Balance the stomach and digestive system.

Hades in Soul
Reflects a protection of assets or fortune.

Hades in Friendship
Requires others to have good financial stability.

Hades in Career
Strong financial ability at work. Very skilled in mathematics.

Hades in Property
On a solid foundation, the residence will not change over time.

Hades in Contentment
May conduct financial transactions.

Hades in Parents
Parents will be supportive, but may be protective of the family wealth.

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