Dionysus [天同]

Yang Water Element

God of epiphany, wine, and ecstasy. Dionysus reflects joy, gentleness and extraordinary achievements. Shows independence, unique views and ideas, strong curiosity and a tender personality. 


Find Dionysus in your Life Chart and see how it relates to you:

Dionysus in Life & Self
Likes to have fun and enjoy life.

Dionysus in Brotherhood
Business associates will be competent but not outstanding.

Dionysus in Couple
The significant other is joyful, but prone to mood swings.

Dionysus in Junior
Minors will be joyful and easy to get along with.

Dionysus in Asset
Possessions must be protected.

Dionysus in Health
Balance the kidneys and reproductive organs.

Dionysus in Soul
Soul is emotional but hides it well.

Dionysus in Friendship
Requires others to be independent and have unique points of view.

Dionysus in Career
Unique opinions at work. Strong desire to learn. Loves to study and research.

Dionysus in Property
Reflects modest homes or disorder.

Dionysus in Contentment
Unique point of view. Extremely curious.

Dionysus in Parents
Parents will be content and like to be on their own.

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