Ares [武曲]

Yin Metal Element

God of war and bloodshed. Ares represents authority, strength and efficiency. Shows extraordinary ambition, strong personality, outstanding talent and an attractive appearance. Success is possible in both civil and military fields.


Find Ares in your Life Chart and see how it relates to you:

Ares in Life & Self
Resolute and firm. Skilled individual.

Ares in Brotherhood
Close associates or partners will be strong and efficient with an outstanding appearance.

Ares in Couple
The significant other will be efficient with a strong personality.

Ares in Junior
Minors are strong and ambitious.

Ares in Asset
Shows strength and action in financial dealings.

Ares in Health
Balance the lungs and intestinal organs.

Ares in Soul
The soul represents authority, strength and efficiency.

Ares in Friendship
Requires others to be talented and attractive.

Ares in Career
Skilled in all areas at work. Adept at learning.

Ares in Property
Represents homes with metal accents.

Ares in Contentment
Enjoys material comforts.

Ares in Parents
Parents or employers will be strong, stubborn, and difficult to deal with.

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