The Fourteen Primary Stars

In Zeus Sensor, the 14 Primary Stars are the most influential on one's life chart. Each Primary Star is distinctly different from one another and represent your primary characteristics across all areas of your life. One analogy used to understand the Primary Stars is to think of the 12 Chambers as the different rooms in your household such as the kitchen, living room or bed room, and the 14 Primary Stars are the major objects in those rooms such as the oven, television, sofa or bed. These items have a major part in your day-to-day living and similarly the 14 Primary Stars play a major role in your entire life.

English names were assigned to all the stars so that non-Chinese speaking practitioners can comprehend them easier. The 14 Primary Stars were named after selected deities in the Greek Pantheon that share very similar attributes (hence the name Zeus Sensor). This adds a layer of familiarity to the Zeus Sensor system for western practitioners. Additionally, the descriptions of each will contain their Elemental alignment. 

Let's take a brief look at each one, beginning with the most important: Zeus.