The Twelve Chambers

As it was observed by the ancient Astrologers, different locations in the sky represent different aspects of your life, the things and people around you. The 12 divided sections are used to create a second layer to contain these various life areas and are referred to as The Twelve Chambers


Life [命宫]

The Life Chamber encompasses the totality of who you are. It reflects the entire spectrum of a person’s makeup; their physical characteristics, personality, character, and personal preferences. The Stars that are located in this Chamber reveal your life path. This is the most important chamber when assessing an individual’s chart under the age of thirty.

Brotherhood [兄弟]

The Brotherhood Chamber shows the quality and strength of your personal support systems. These individuals could be your real siblings, co-workers, friends, or colleagues that display a close sibling like loyalty supporting your personal endeavours. 

Couple [夫妻]

The Couple Chamber reflects the major romantic relationships in your life. It will reveal your prospects of marriage, the qualities of your ideal partner, and your expectations of a mate. It is a blueprint that maps out your romantic relationships throughout one’s lifetime.


Junior [子女]

In ancient times people had offspring to ensure their security in old age. They studied the Junior Chamber to predict if their children will have good character and respect their parents. By looking at this chamber a person could also predict the chance of having a boy or a girl. The Junior Chamber also deals with one’s parenting ability. It shows the effort you put into providing for your children, which will directly impact your relationship with them. In Zeus Sensor, Junior does not necessarily represent only children, but may also represent those who are younger than you and look up to you. These people could be other family members or subordinates.


Asset [财帛]

The Asset Chamber is often misunderstood as being solely about income. It is widely interpreted that if one received a favourable reading from this chamber then they will be wealthy, but if it is less than ideal, then they will be financially challenged. However, this is a misconception. The Asset chamber shows your personally acquired wealth and the style of your money management. It actually deals with your attitude toward money and the methods of how you acquire wealth. It needs to be studied in conjunction with the Life Chamber because the Asset Chamber alone is not an adequate indicator of one’s total financial picture.


Health [疾厄]

On the surface, the Health Chamber reveals physical illnesses; these physical problems are mostly inherited. The Health Chamber also shows one’s physical stamina. If a less than ideal sign appears in this chamber it is a general sign of poor health.


Soul [迁移]

The Soul Chamber reflects your behaviour and indicates how you interact socially. It shows whether a person is introverted or extroverted and the possibility of psychological issues. Unlike the Life Chamber that shows the whole spectrum of your personality, the Soul Chamber only shows the interior side of you, such as your behaviour and other people’s perception of you. If the Soul Chamber of a person is too weak then they will either have poor interpersonal skills or be perceived by others negatively. Oftentimes, they have to work harder to convey their thoughts, may be easily misunderstood, and not have many friends. The Soul Chamber is often incorrectly interpreted as only relating to traveling, relocating, or moving. 

Friendship [交友]

The Friendship Chamber represents everyone that works with or for you. They are the people who assist you such as partners, employees, or anyone who works under you. If this house is strong then you will have a competent and dependable staff to aid you at work.


Career [官禄]

The Career Chamber is important for people who work in any area of administration, planning, or inspection. This Chamber is pertinent to anyone who has a typical office job. If you work outside the office, however, then the Soul Chamber will be more significant. The Career Chamber reveals your working attitudes, methods, skills, and also displays your desire and ability to gain professional knowledge. It can also show your level of education and competence in test taking. You can use the Life Chamber to gain a greater understanding of your Career Chamber.

Property [田宅]

The Property Chamber is an indicator of your personal resources acquired from others. It can show inheritance, family fortune, and family relationships. If this chamber is strong in your chart then your family life and environment will be very stable. If, however, this chamber is weak and the Soul Chamber is strong, then you might leave the area of your family home to pursue your career.


Contentment [福德]

The Contentment Chamber is as important as the Life Chamber especially for a woman. It reflects a person’s level of satisfaction in both their material and spiritual life. It shows their general mental state, what type of interests or hobbies they enjoy, and how they distribute money. A person’s character as well as the length of their lifespan is closely tied to this chamber. This becomes the most important chamber when assessing an individual’s chart in their senior years above approximately age 55.


Parents [父母]

The Parents Chamber is an important chamber regarding your personal luck at birth and throughout your lifetime. Your current outlook on life is closely tied with how you were raised. This chamber shows the relationship with your parents. It also shows how your parents affected you and any benefits you gained from them.


Self [身宫]

The Self Chamber reflects what a person will become later in life. It falls within one of the twelve chambers and becomes the focus to determine the life path after the age of thirty. The chamber in which it falls then becomes a “dual” chamber.   

A note about the Life and Self chambers

When interpreting your Zeus Sensor Life Chart it is particularly important to take note of the Self chamber in addition to the Life chamber. The Self chamber is actually not one of the twelve chambers shown on the chart but rather a thirteenth chamber that resides in one of the twelve. Both the Life and Self chambers are of equal importance and do not contradict each other. The Life Chamber is the most important chamber when assessing an individual’s chart under the age of thirty. After the age of thirty, the “dual” Self Chamber becomes of primary importance in determining the life path. Instead of looking at the Life Chamber the person would then focus on the Self Chamber for guidance.