Zeus Sensor

The Five Elements Theory - Pt 2

A balance of the five elements in your person and surroundings is ideal for a harmonious life. Dominating or lacking elemental energies is what causes imbalance in your life which will lead to difficulties. To create balance, you not only need to be able to understand and interpret the sources of the energies but also the cycles in which they interact. The Zeus Sensor incorporates the Five Elements Theory, allowing you to combine this knowledge when interpreting your charts.

The Five Elements Theory - Pt 1

According to Chinese metaphysics, all material substance in the universe is constituted of the five energetic building blocks: earth, metal, water, wood, and fire. These energies are also called the Five Elements, Five Phases, or Five energies. If Yin and Yang can be thought of as polar opposites, then the Five Elements is just a simple system of gears. As a result, this theory provides an excellent basis for a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. 

Yin & Yang

The ancient Chinese have observed that everything in existence has polar opposites or two extremities. These are interdependent and cannot exist without each other. They are interrelated and intertwined. Yet nothing is completely pure so at their extremes the opposites still contain some trace of the other. This seemingly simple yet highly complex concept is called Yin and Yang. 

Traditional Chinese Calendar

Zeus Sensor uses the Traditional Chinese Calendar as the base for its calculations. This calendar is different than the Gregorian (Western) calendar because it is influenced by both the moon and the sun, technically called a "Lunisolar" calendar. Without getting too deep into the inner workings of the calendar, the following is a brief introduction to its main concepts and why it is used.