Chinese Astrology

Zeus Sensor is based on the Chinese astrology system of Zi Wei Dou Shu [紫微斗數], which literally translates as “Purple Star Astrology”. During the exact moment of one’s birth, one is affected by various energy levels when coming out into the world and meeting the universe. Over the millennia ancient Chinese astrologers have noted that specific celestial patterns in the sky during the time of one’s birth correlate to certain human characteristics and behaviors throughout one’s life. Through many years of observation and record keeping, they were able to identify which specific celestial body and their locations were conducive to which specific characteristic. A method was then carefully devised to extrapolate from one’s date and time of birth in order to calculate the locations of over 100 significant celestial bodies, thus be able to discover more about the individual.


With the exceptions of the Sun, the Moon and the North Star, the origins of all the other celestial bodies were lost. All is known is that these celestial points in the sky were always referred to as “stars” in the ancient texts. Today we adhere to this convention and continue to refer to them as stars, regardless of whether or not they represented actual stars in our universe.

The Purple Star in Zeus Sensor is known in Western astronomy as Polaris or the North Star. Observing through our human perspective, the Purple Star is the point in outer space in which all other celestial bodies revolve around. As such, ancient Chinese astrologers dubbed this star the Emperor Star – as it was believed it’s the celestial equivalent of the Emperor of China. Talented astrologers played an important role in the ancient Chinese Imperial courts as the fate of the Emperor had direct bearing on the fate of the Kingdom. 

Zeus Sensor was not meant to be used as a method of fortune-telling, but rather as a form of road map and weather forecasting to imbue us with knowledge about the various factors that may influence life events. With this knowledge we can make informed decisions to better prepare ourselves for success and avoid failure. It is not much unlike knowing to bring an umbrella when the weather forecast speaks of rain, or knowing to switch to the right lane ahead of time when the GPS in your car tells you of an upcoming right turn.

Chinese Metaphysics is what forms the foundation of Zeus Sensor and defines the laws in which all the intricate parts operate together as one system. Of these laws, the most popular in western culture is that of Yin and Yang.