Body Source Code

The Chinese Sexagenary Cycle is a 60 year cycle with each year, month, day, and hour being represented by specific Chinese characters. Each character embodies the properties of Yin and Yang as well as the five elemental energies. Each year, month, day and hour are represented by a pair of Chinese characters, one being the Heavenly Stem and the other being the Earthly Branch.

This system of stems and branches is a method of time keeping. A person’s exact moment of birth (year, month, day and hour) will be classified by four pairs of stems and branches, which equates to a total of eight characters called the Body Source Code [八字] also known as Bazi or the Four Pillars of Destiny.


The first pair of words represents the year of birth, the next pairs represent the month, day, and hour of birth.

Each of the eight characters represents an element with positive and negative properties.

Knowing your Body Source Code is the foundation to knowing your personal elemental make up. With this knowledge you can know how your life will be impacted by the elemental energies of everything around you.