Fate & Luck

Eastern and western schools of thought regard the terms Fate and Luck in very different manners. This divide is partly responsible for the lack of acceptance for astrology and divination practices, shrugging it all off as mere superstition and entertainment. Understanding the eastern thought process is a cornerstone to understanding the Zeus Sensor.

According to western thought our lives are not pre-determined but rather are what we make of it. Through hard work and diligence even the under-privileged can achieve success and high status. Our life development is based on factors such as inheritance, education, environment and diligence. The idea that our lives are being controlled is not commonly accepted in western thought. 

On the other hand, according to eastern thought every one of us is born with gifts and limitations. One’s fate is determined at birth and is pretty much impossible to change. It can be thought of as the default specifications that one was born with. By knowing our fate, our gifts and limitations, we can make changes to other aspects of our lives by utilizing something called Luck. 


The timeline above is open-ended, with the future being widely unknown. All similar occurrences along the time-line are treated as mere coincidences. This is the Western thought.

Here, there is no timeline but rather a repetitious cycle. Similar occurrences in time were destined to be repeated. This is the Eastern thought.

The west thinks of luck as synonymous to chance, being random and largely unpredictable, with only partial predictability coming from the study of statistics and probability. The eastern concept of luck is cyclical and predictable, like the cycles of nature and the orbit of the planets. Luck is not random and exists in specific patterns that we can discover and utilize to our benefit.

The truth is: a very capable person may not necessarily become successful due to bad timing and missing out on opportunities. Similarly, a less capable person may achieve more success by making all the right connections and capitalizing on the right opportunities – knowing the interconnection between Fate and Luck.

By discovering your pre-determined fate and understanding the predictability of the fluctuations in your luck cycles, you can then better plan to optimize your life instead of running into obstacles. Chinese astrology is used as the tool to discover your fate and luck.