Health Indicator

Author: Buddy Huang, Jacqueline Liao
Publisher: WMH109 Corporation
ISBN: 978-1-988009-32-2
Language: English

In this book, we discovery the backbones of both Eastern and Western medicine, their differences and shocking similarities. Though both are fundamentally different readers will discover that there are parallels between the two. Health Indicator provides the knowledge to use Eastern medicine effectively in your daily life. With further analysis of the 5 element theory and timing readers will come to understand how to effectively control the natural energies that surround them.
With a completely breakdown of the human body and the practice of medicine from both the Eastern and Western views of medicine readers will gain the insight to treat common ailments. Health Indicator provides a detailed guide to energy movement through the human body, foods that nourish, and seasonal changes within. The emphasis of this book is to allow readers the opportunity to achieve harmonious balance, with energies provided by our natural earth and those within our bodies. When energies are harmonious we can then effectively lead productive healthy lives.