Zeus Sensor 2016

Authors: Buddy Huang, Evan Yanagi
Publisher: WMH109 Corporation
ISBN: 978-1-988009-24-7
Language: English

How are you going to welcome in this new year of 2016? Do you need to organize important plans? Do you need to make significant decisions? Do you need to solve puzzles in your daily life? Do you need insight into things you should you be aware of? Then you may wish to read the Zeus Sensor 2016 Book! Apart from having an analysis of the 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs in 2016, this book also covers our mobile Apps including: Zeus Sensor, Body Source Code Plugin, Color & Emotion, Lucky Color & Living Style, and 109TM Infinity Clock. You should also discover your personal ID, or Destiny Number, that was created in our “One Planet Five Elements” series of books. This will enable readers and users to obtain the latest information regarding The Five Elements, and Yin or Yang polarities, so they can make life adjustments creating favorable Feng Shui in their environment. This can be done in a way where there are no time or geographical constraints. People can also shop from the 109TM online shopping platform, so as to identify the required elemental energies to balance their bodies.    

The Zeus Sensor 2016 Book resembles a 2016 calendar or organizer. Since everyone’s calendar or organizer will be different, we have created the 2016 Zeus Sensor Calendar based your birth information. The significance and combination of the 14 Primary Stars within the 12 Chambers of the Zeus Sensor are symbolized by the use of the Five Elements and their Yin or Yang polarities. There are also the Four Directional Stars of Gift, Choice, Mission, and Overcome that change for each year of our life, and have different characteristics that greatly impact our daily lives. Readers can make use of this book as a good reference for proper timing when doing things or in the process of making decisions. It may help you smoothly realize “good harvests” as well.