Zeus Sensor and Numerology


Zeus Sensor and Numerology


Buddy Huang, Bret Taylor
ISBN: 978-1-988009-35-3
Languages: English

Unlike traditional forms of Numerology, which add or reduce larger sets of numbers, Zeus Sensor Numerology correlates the 10 singular numbers of 0-9 to the Five Elements of Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire. Adding a Yin and Yang polarity to each element creates a matching ten-components. Users of our books and mobile apps can identify the innate energy that comprises our Body and Soul, as well as recognizing the natural, cyclical energy in our environment.

Using the traditional Eastern theory of Bazi or Body Source Code, Zeus Sensor reveals the distinctive energy in the universe at our birth time and birthplace that comprises our configuration. This innate psychological and physiological energy can be manipulated through the use of numbers and colors to create personal balance and harmony.   

Using the traditional Eastern theory of timekeeping based on the 10 Heavenly Stems and 12 Earthly Branches, Zeus Sensor applies a singular number and color to each of the 60 components of a clock or calendar. This external energy is not ongoing and irregular; instead it is cyclical and predictable. 

Zeus Sensor And Numerology removes all arithmetic, matching a singular number to the natural components of our birth time and place using Body Source Code. With the use of numbers and colors based on the Five Elements, we can easily manipulate our innate energy, as well as the energy in our environment to match our unique structure.  


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