Color & Emotion

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20151109_color&emotion_googleplay cover-05.jpg

Color & Emotion


Buddy Huang, Evan Yanagi
ISBN: 978-1-988009-13-1
Languages: English, Traditional Chinese

By using the traditional Chinese theories of the Five Elements and Zi Wei Dou Shu, we have explored the interrelationship between our personal elemental colors and their impact on our personal emotion. In order to easily manage this relationship, we have created the simple concept of a personal ID. The personal ID does not represent citizens of a country, but they are rather the number codes that derive precisely from the year, month, day, hour and minute of our births, and take into account the longitude and latitude of the birth place, as well as the true solar time. There are a total of nine numbers.

Through these nine numbers, we can balance the five elemental energies to make us complete. The same IDs are also attached to all products. Therefore, you can buy the products that match your elemental requirements.  

The 109TM app helps you match the Yin and Yang attributes of the Five Elements, and shop from our 109TM online shopping platform.

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