Lucky Color And Living Style

Authors: Buddy Huang, Bret Taylor
Publisher: WMH109 Corporation
ISBN: 978-1-988009-06-3
Language: English

In this book, we convert the elemental energies of the universe into numbers and colors, making it easier for us to manipulate them to bring about balance and harmony in our living and working environments. Identifying the activation of magnetic energy fields that interact at different times and in different locations is the simple theory of Feng Shui.

We believe that different magnetic energy fields, which generate electricity continuously, surround our environment. They affect the development of our physical structure. The strength of the signals transmitted by these different elemental energies will vary, just like the strength of the wifi signal that we receive will also vary from place to place.

This book enables us to determine the Body Source Code of a building, so that we can match its suitability with ours. It also uses the creation, complement, and trade-off relationship cycles of the Five Elements to interpret “Feng Shui”.